Intellerum's TekStak is the solution for those who need a secure non-mobile storage unit for their laptops and computer equipment. The TekStak offers completely isolated compartments that lock securely to allow individual access and security.


Available with or without charging capability. Available in capactity of 5 or 10 units high. Perfect for individual storage where many computers are stored. 3 different lock options to suit any need. Can store other similar devices, such as PDAs, mp3 players, and cell phones. Available with optional drawer base and laminate top.

Industry Applications

Educational - Teachers lounges, libraries

Corporate - Training rooms

Law Enforcement - Secured areas where electronics can not be taken, evidence storage, locker rooms

Healthcare - Locker rooms

Literature & Specifications

TekStak Cut Sheet

Please contact the factory for TekStak Specifications.


Paint Options

Laminate Options