Laptop Locker 2

If you are looking for security for individual laptops, Chromebooks or tablets, look no further. Not only does our Laptop Locker 2 provide you with a locker-like option for storing your laptop, it also has a door setting that allows you to use the unit as a work station. This locker reserves valuable floor space by mounting on a wall. With multiple lock options, your security needs are sure to be met.


The door has two opening settings that can be adjusted in the field. The top setting allows the door to open just far enough to retrieve the stored laptop. This is similar to a locker. The bottom setting allows the door to fold down as a work surface. The laptop can be adhered to the door with velcro strips so it stays in place. The grommet on the bottom of the unit allows for a power cord to be used in the unit. Ventilation patterns on the sides of the unit prevent the laptop from overheating.

Industry Applications

Corporate - Offices, maintenance areas

Education - Classrooms, maintenance areas, trainers rooms, dorm rooms

Healthcare - Treatment rooms, maintenance areas, patient rooms, nurses stations

Literature & Specifications

Laptop Locker 2 Cut Sheet

Please contact the factory for Laptop Locker 2 Specifications.


Paint Options

Laminate Options